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Thermography – Hidden Leak Detection Experts

Having a water leak can be frustrating, especially if the cause cannot be easily determined.

There is a variety of chimney inspection tools that can be used to detect system issues. Using infrared imaging technology has become one of the most powerful and effective diagnostic solutions chimney sweep experts can offer.

Jacksonville Chimney Pros is the only chimney inspection company in the area that is trained and certified in infrared thermography. We are your chimney leak experts!

Benefits of infrared thermography:

The main advantage of using an infrared camera is its capability to diagnose system conditions beyond what can be identified in a visual only inspection. By the time these issues become visible to the human eye, the damage to your chimney may already be extensive. Infrared thermography is used to get a thorough picture of components that may be faulty or damaged. As a result, the risk of fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, and other hazardous situations, as well as damages and financial loss is greatly reduced. A thermography survey is also helpful in creating a future chimney maintenance plan.

How does thermography work?

Your chimney unit has a unique thermal signature and when destructive elements are introduced into the structure the thermal signature changes. Infrared thermography allows us to measure thermal energy that cannot be seen by the naked human eye. This thermal energy is then converted to an image by means of an infrared imaging device.

Infrared cameras are extremely sensitive and can help detect the presence of moisture, areas of energy loss, and other potential signs of system failure. The technology can also help check the quality of repairs. Our experts can use thermography along with other tools to measure the scope of a problem and prevent further damage. For example, infrared thermal imaging inspection can detect the spread of moisture below a surface more accurately than other tools. This technology is efficient, safe, and doesn’t disrupt the operation of your chimney.  Our experts can perform a thermography survey without opening up your walls or ceilings, so it’s completely non-invasive.

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FAA Certified Drone Chimney Inspections can aid in getting a detailed analysis of your chimney promptly. Let Jacksonville Chimney Pros inspect your chimney today!

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